May 10, 2012

Visiting After 26th Years

after 26 years one day in termal and one day in yalova..May 8th 9th- i was 10 by than last times i was there..
swam in a thermo pool was fantastic but very warm:) however was a great time to see the great leader of our times(Not only republic of Turkey) Ataturk s revolutines about nature as well, how he make a great forest with many kinds of trees or if by any chance visit Yuruyen Kösk or can translate as walking villa- i was wondering what s walking something mechanically moves in the house:)?? they said no when Ataturk learned that branches of the plane tree next to his villa was passing from its window, he learned the gardeners will cut the branches of the tree- he said "No" we shall  move the villa- so with some railway systeem they moved the house from the plane tree about 4 meters. How he loved the nature and how he made so much effort to make a great place. thanks to that.


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