Jul 26, 2010


cannibalist life--)

burgazada july 25th 2010..

Jul 23, 2010

july18th in my bday with Rosy

visiting the big aquarium in istanbul in my bday..later we attanded a sunday sky party at the univ of bilgi:) was fun!!

Jul 19, 2010

3 of my prints in Insitu Gallery

Three of my prints are exhibiting by Charles Mordret s Insitu Gallery in Istanbul, thanks to Jason Eskenazi as well .

This year went wonderfull for me , hope it will continue someways.

thanks for all the supports .


Jul 6, 2010


june 18th 19th the guy who makes from fiberglass sword fish and crocodile was on the ferry boat --but when i saw the guy who was doing strange things with his pants and see the croc on the floor it happaned in 2 seconds i realize these are fake but the way of his behaviour and all that lovely croc and fish were made me excited. took many different shots --many people also got attracted by that. later we had a long talk as well. balloon pictures was shot in kadikoy with Photographer Alessandro.

Jul 2, 2010