Aug 31, 2010

Thanks to David Honl

Thanks to David whom is a American Photographer I met in Turkey in 2005-2006, I am very much appreciated to get his Honl Photo Professionals Products as 'Gifts'. All I have to do now is to produce good works, it s really great stuff for me. Thanks Dave.

please have a look at his works.

Aug 27, 2010

26th of August

26th of August 2010 beyoglu

life of FA

small time pieces from FA life from small istanbul home-workshop.

Aug 26, 2010

my home town

miss this tiny town called divrigi,i was born here and this image is one of my trips in May 2007 with two wonderfull photographer couple Vanessa&George-- i drag them to here too))
was a rainy day from a car windshield..

miss you harran

ruins of harran university in Sanliurfa 2005.

one of the dreamy places --was there to watch the sunrise --5 days of documentary shoots with a filmmaker working on a story of a Turkic Alevis in Sanliurfa s Kisas district.
we have to get extra images around the area, so to be in Harran was a dream for me.
Anatolia is wonderfull, if no one has travel yet(even myself i know so less about that rich land .so pity)love this amazing lands, they are mine.

Aug 25, 2010


old picture from poland i shot in a park, 2007

just came across with some old files, wanted to share.

Aug 24, 2010

23rd of August

Under the Galata bridge with sweet people having fun:)

next to me the sweetest

Aug 23, 2010

random momentus

21st of August visiting the city,

waving clouds over Bosphorus

21st of August clouds cover the cityscape, expecting a heavy rain for the weekend, but none happened, except the beauty of the city has awaken in the bosphorus..

22nd August-Tepeustu

enjoying the day was not shooting at all until i see the lovely clouds to stop by to shoot for 5 minutes. thanks to Rosy.

i am so hungry to produce a real images real stories, need a kick ass motivation, i lost it for sometime-- i m sure things will be fine.) so that ways i smile still.

have a nice day to you all,

Aug 17, 2010

picnic times

15th of augusr belgrade forests with friends:)

Aug 9, 2010

random past

images from timezone.
first image is from ahlat where i almost fell in love the area may 2007. second image man with a wild bird i dont know the name is from istanbul from 1st of august 2010, and the rest is from summer 2010.

just wanted to share them from here..