Sep 28, 2016

Review o my street photography

My street photography review regarding my submission on Lens Culture s Magnum Photo Awards
did not make any awards or being a finalist but i like to get a comment which counts for me.

"Layers" regarding my street photography of Istanbul , these all 5 pictures are single and not related as a story each other so :) they are all layers from the life of Istanbul as the name says it.

In my photography mostly I like to keep the mood and feelings and sometimes with humor and fun and action happens..there are not much cliche like shadows and reflections but am able to do that as well :) however It s like a photography porn to me too much of shadows reflections and just graphics (which i love graphical stuff) yet I am not into things like to many repeats that s why really great pictures are few... anyways I really find constructive critique on my works, and appreciated the person whom wrote down that.

Sep 8, 2016

Jul 14, 2016

Published an Online section of The Ritz Carlton Magazine

Last year had a nice feature story from me published on a The Ritz Carlton Magazine, and this year they took my cover picture and publish online this time, so the first picture with children is belong to me.

Jul 11, 2016

The Penguin Cafe Orchestra- found this music group in my holidays at Antalya.. and fell in love with their sounds more to find check out on Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Jun 25, 2016

My respected Archive Agency Published on its Blog about the "Layers"

my agency Gallery Stock has published also about my Layers Project in their blog post. Thanks to them to support me and let me help publish in world leading publications in both with commercial and editorial clients!