Jan 30, 2011

Jan 28th 2011

view of sirkeci from the golden horn or galata bridge

Jan 28, 2011

Jan 28th 2011

streets of istanbul for a very short moment.. was breathing

eyes on you:4 yıldır yok

reminding you again and again that all eyes on you until all the unclear murderes will be in front of the independent court.

Jan 25, 2011

magic woman

magic times..)

İlkay Ozdemir 2006..beyoglu..

Jan 21, 2011

old times

good old times in a lively city- one day to go and live there would be great.

Naples jan1st 2009

Jan 20, 2011

Jan 20th 2011

after lunch going back to work--ppl waiting for the transportations..was a sunny day ..

Jan 17, 2011

what s Modern?

meaning of modern in the upside down .

what s modern ?

istanbul modern- here is the question is asking for the city of istanbul rather than the museum itself..so all is upside down and nonsense..

Jan 14, 2011

missing the fable of istanbul

miss to watch karakoy from across the golden horn..

Jan 13, 2011

july 2008

old picture from Eminonu Istanbul ..)

Jan 1, 2011



Jan 1st 2011

another new year started.

after 12 3 of us were out myself umut and yusuf,passed to beyoglu and continue drinking at karakoy Golden Horn area which was more peacufull compare to the beyoglu district. we have finished our night in famous beyoglu neva:)