May 5, 2014

Nominee in Photojournalism Category in Color Awards I was chosen to be nominee this year in Color Awards in Photography Masters Cup in Photojournalism category, last year I was nominated honorable mentioned again in Photojournalism category, this year just a nominee by one of my works from Gezi Resistance.

Slides at Salt Galata May3rd 2014

Thanks to Bilge Özel and Marco Giuliotti to giving my Istanbul street photography exposed in Design Lab Urban Observatory Workshop in Salt Galata
I was not able to attend the opening and I am greatfull for Marco to speak on behalf of my works, heard everyone
enjoyed the show.)

May 1, 2014

May Day Clashes in Sisli

May Day in Istanbul May 1st 2014 Şişli district , again the authorities did not let the unions to march toward to Taksim square and they used excessive force of police against the civilian community and there was almost a curfew in the city while all around the world people celebrate their workers day..
many journalist and photographers have been wounded by the cs capsules or rubber bullets, in the my friend sedat suna epa photographer has been wounded on his leg badly by a police capsule and his camera s lenses broken by rubber bullets. The police even attacked oppositions MP  swhich they supposed to be untouchables,but police take their order only from corrupt prime minister not from the constitution!

New Mosque and the locals

30th of April 2014 Eminonu,Istanbul