Sep 21, 2010

sexual act

new exhibition will run in Vancouver called 'Night Vision Vancouver' and 15 of my street images will be exhibit there as well.

here is one of the image.
shot in May 2007 place is unknown-- before getting to highway ina rural area travelling with a two great photographers Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou.

Erdal Tosun

Turkish actor Erdal Tosun : was a privilege to meet that talented and humble guy.

Sep 16, 2010


sept 16th

was like a dreamy day in a bus going to the airport..


Sep 13, 2010

September 9th 2010-2

the moments..

September 9th 2010

with my loveliest half in unnamed city.. my shamanistic beliefs are awaken and dream takes me to his cove..