Apr 28, 2010

Published in Art Magazin-Germany-

on the story of istanbul s art scenes and portraits . Published by German "Art Magazin"

thanks to them

Apr 27, 2010

26th of April

some snaps on the way to eminonu and way back home.

istanbul apr.26th 2010

blurry night

this is for the blurry master of my heart

around 1 am bosphorus

Apr 23, 2010

scenery of characters

random characters from random scene none has a happy face-- or smiling-- daily life of stress in spite of a lovely weather ..it shows in their faces. rushing to somewhere..

April 22nd,2010 Istanbul

random moments -daily diary-

random images from kadikoy area in istanbul april 22nd 2010.

Apr 18, 2010

near virgin tower

17th of april by the uskudar shore lines walking by the sea was bit colder than Friday ..

virgin tower area..

Apr 17, 2010

away from the viewfinder

i have been shooting istanbul time to time without looking from the viewfinder so for that reason i plan to continue that and since i am getting interesting places and moments i feel to make a book out of it --hopefully someday soon

Apr 15, 2010

2006 auto show --

some small glance to auto show i went to in 2006 in Istanbul.. never published these pictures actually was not shooting for anywhere but trying to see how i can shoot concentrated very much and enjoyed the place alot while i focus..

Napoli Napoli the dreamy city

i spent my best new year in my life in that dreamy city was with a special one also.. but how can i forget that dreamy narrow streets i can say i love the place -with it s friendly enviroment and always feeling the action even for a small city-- so i miss you napoli.