Aug 14, 2013

certificate of Honorable Mentioned in Photojournalism Category

certificate of Honorable Mentioned in Photojournalism Category in the MastersCup 2013 just received today on my mail box:) this photo has been taken in taksim square in 2011 at the tv Syrian President Bashar al-aAssad appears and while the groups of birds are flying over on the tv screen it s written 'World is Changing'

Aug 13, 2013

CEO of ProCat International

Portraits of Tarkan Ersubasi CEO of ProCat International August 13th 2013 Istanbul. Most of these kinds of works have a very short amount of time given to me(sometimes 15 minutes max), so I need to be quick to see the location, set up my lights talk to the client to know them more while i do all that things. I often use 2 speedlites one umbrella or a soft box made by Honl Photo Light Modifiers (here I used Honl Soft Box and a Orange Filter to create a blueish background) etc.. Btw I have used here orange gels to get bluish color on the background of the office and  If I have a enough times i d like to use more lights and lit much more different ways and places in the area :) I am a self taught and still learning and it makes me feel excited and have lots of fun making mistakes! do not be scared to fail yourself, no one always can succeed but learn and enjoy from your failures . Since 2011 I have been shooting Commercial Portraits. have a look at for your own

Aug 12, 2013