Mar 23, 2014

street portrait from istanbul

just came across with an old portrait from streets of istanbul,on the stairs of galata bridge

Mar 21, 2014

March 20th 2014 Streets of Istanbul

 scenery from a streets of istanbul from March 20th 2014

Newly Designed Home and A Portrait of a House Owner

 Mr. S. Hamzapasaoglu shot for a construction company various portraits of a home owner in Riva area in Istanbul. 15th of March 2014 Istanbul
Used 2 Honl Soft Boxes
have a look at the website and see what also available for your own works, i strongly suggest David s productions,great that I have met him sometimes ago in Istanbul and since I have get tips from him time to time for the modifiers and since 2011 I use only his products I must say if you need good built quality light modifiers and if you want to have a quick and portable modifier just go get one for yourself! sure these are only for speedlights which i often use :)

Mar 7, 2014

Executive Portrait of a Data Manager in IT Industry

Anadolu Bilisim (It Industry) Yakup Kadri Ünal Central Data Manager of Anadolu Bilisim in Istanbul,Turkey
assignment done in March 7th 2014 Maltepe,Istanbul.

used 2 speedlights with main light fixed with Honl SoftBox and Honl Blue color filters on second light.. please have a visit