Jul 21, 2014

Portraiture of Dental Employees

Shot various portraits of a dental clinic employees in Istanbul July 20th 2014 .
Used two lights and both of em I used 1/4 CTO filters and WB set to tungsten main light was set to 1/8 and background light set to 1/32 used canon equipments to produce this job.

Jul 9, 2014

Avaya Shooting in July 8th 2014

Shooting various images of Avaya s Turkey General Manager Sinan Dumlu in his office building at Gayrettepe Istanbul on July 8th 2014
used honl soft boxes,filters and gobos as well.
I usually work with two light set ups like here did the same, main light mode on the manual at 1/16 and for the background light with a blue filter on it was set to 1/8 and zoomed to the 35mm to spread the light bit more.

Hope you enjoy it.
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