Jan 28, 2010

snowy day pictures

last few days were heavy weather conditions in istanbul either heavy snow and wind affected all of us in the city-- some of the pics i took jan 26th and 28th in istanbul..


Praying in the basement

My pictures have been published in the Holland s Elsevier magazine in january 16th 2010.

For Turkish Christian minority life is made hard by authorities and population; opening new church is almost implossible

Many Turkish muslims are worried about the growing 'islamofobia' in Europe. They often refer to the Swiss ban on the building of new minarets. But what is the situation the other way around? In Turkey christians are discriminated. 'The authorities will always find a way to make our life difficult.'

wedding of my best friend from a childhood!!

my dear best friend Sezgin Ulutas which i like to call him Sezo got married with a loving lady past weekend and it was a wonderfull moments for me too be part of the wedding -- giving me a job to shoot their wedding as good as i could!:)=) due to bad weather and short time --in spite of that we were able to work some stuff.. here are some of the images form those day:))

happy lovely marriage i wish to both of Tuba and Sezgin Ulutas family:))

darısı basıma:P

Jan 26, 2010

2005-09 some pictures from Istanbul

wanted to share here a selection of my past works...

5 Pictures of Alevi People Published in Movement Magazine

My Pictures related to Alevi community has been published in Magazine of the Student Christian Movement.The cover picture of the magazine had been shoot in year 2005 in South East of Turkey, a Turkic Alevi woman from Sanliurfa, in an mainly Kurdish area of SE Turkey.