Jan 28, 2013

variety images from jan 19th

jan 19th 2013 with Nihan:)

Jan 27, 2013

January 24th 2013

wanderinf around in istanbul..2013 Jan.

Jan 18, 2013

January 17th 2013-miscellenaus-

january 17th 2013 wondering around..

Jan 11, 2013

Jan 6, 2013


December 2012

Jan 3, 2013

lady of my heart

hayatımın kadını )

end of December

istanbul last week of december 2012

Sattas Night at Nayah

Beautiful Day

snowing times

blue fog

on the way to Canakkale Dec 17th 2012..

moments of a time

the way of stares, the mystery of the woman
21st of November 2012 Beyoglu