Jun 22, 2011

Arter Art Gallery Opening- New Work

21st of June 2011 was a nice exhibition of Patricia Piccini please visit Arter gallery http://www.arter.org.tr/W3/?

Jun 21, 2011

Published Online

oen of my picture has been published in the Time Magazine s online section


Jun 1, 2011

for Hopa

akp and its so-called democracy and their police forces hopefully will be removed from our lives in June 12th if they dont corrupt the elections as they did before.. forever we want to get rid of them..the word of democracy dont fit their heart and mentality all the times in their media in tv programs talk democracy and they do hurt ppl they do treat ppl like a "shit" yesterday in Artvin ppl said hell off to these faschistic akp s police forces gas bombed ppl and we lost one person because of police kick and with gas -the person died of heart attack. .these images are protest from istanbul to support ppl in Artvin Hopa and rememberance of Metin Lokumcu. when the turkish pm s poster fell on the floor from the building ppl wanted to take the poster and break it
but akp s polices protect the poster and gas and water canon on us..8 years in our lives and took from us our moments this party deserve to be forgotten and punish in the elections hopefully. otherwise things cn go worst with their forward democracy which is way too much an otocracy!!! if people can read the mentality of them..