Mar 25, 2010

march 25th..

again another day enjoying? yes i do. but half of me is not. having fun with friends? indeed yes i do. but again the other half is lone.

i feel like a half man .. not to get confused funny ways:) today visited some art galleries with friends..

Mar 23, 2010

miss the good old times..

bit of melancholy bit of being sleepless...

now hitting the bed half awake half sleepy..

trying to overcome darkness in a mirror

some old and new cat is bad luck.. i knew it when i took it.

was a strange day for a strange man like me..

march 22. 010

Mar 21, 2010

visit by the golden horn

kind of a boring day even the weather was lovely..missing something someone not around..


visit eyup and santralistanbul areas..and walked by the golden horn with a friend of mine.. march 20th 2010..

Mar 20, 2010

close your mouth

just feel to share that image from June 2008 before the int football game between germany and turkey..taksim square. local musicians play music

Mar 18, 2010

March 18th

around karakoy --going home...

hip shots

16th of March fooling around..

trying some badly hip shots and normal some other stuff - no i did not wait as enough as i should ..just feel to share anyways )

Mar 16, 2010

small part of istanbul s art scene

from istanbul modern museum and santralistanbul ..not satisfactory images but like the day light of istanbul modern.

Mar 13, 2010

Frames of Life

parts of istanbul--let s say tophane cihangir kadikoy haydarpasa eminonu 13th of March.. after shooting the assignment seeing the city and enjoying the sun and breeze on my face.