Mar 25, 2016

P-Nar İletişim Danışmanlığı

24th of March 2016 shot portraits of very nice people from P-Nar Corporate Consultancy in Buyaka, Umraniye- Istanbul

Mar 16, 2016

Executive Portraiture March 2016

15th of March 2016 Ray Insurance Head Quarters with Mr. Mahir Çipil's one of the portrait shootings

used as main light lights portable strobe with a battery pack with a reflected umbrella and rim light i used  on his left side mini strobe at 1/64 zoomed it to 135mm with a honey comb grid on it..

Mar 13, 2016

March 12th 2016

started to be cold again, strange weathers strange moments.. brrrr

2nd Hand BookStore Owner in Samatya : Meet Devrim

On March 11th 2016 I have met with Devrim Tarım, whom is a blind man in his late 30's and super intellectual and open minded person as well as an anarchist soul for sure, he opened a second hand bookstore near his house in Samatya, İstanbul after the Gezi Resistance took place in 2013 in Turkey .
If you are in Town please go visit him, and check out his books, sure you will find interesting stuff there. He speaks fluent English and studied International Relations in Turkey's hardest and top school which is 100 top schools in the world Middle East Tech Univ as (Odtu) and if you like to add his Facebook adress please do