May 21, 2011


kurtulus ev 20 Mayı piece of kamile kuzu -shooted with different light sources..

May 20, 2011


May 19th-19 Mayıs 2011

incredible food with two very nice artists -beyoglu s one of the new and nicest delicious restaurant. for sure you will love to come again! ahh must add it s also art space of these two people one is a painter other is a recycler material artists. must taste the food and enjoy the beauty of the art pieces as well!!

May 18, 2011

hanged super-man


published that in my wordpress account which now i try to get back to my blogspot..

beautiful day with beatiful people

canakkale is awesome place to be..
thanks to Aykan my big brother who took us some really friendly places around the town..

lotus tree

memory from canakkale

please check the socks:P