Feb 26, 2016


February 26th 2016 one single light source with grid on it manuel setting 1/64 on a self timer camera  and here are my self portraits..  

Feb 19, 2016

Kiki our Loveliest always Hypnotizing Us

February 18th 2016 Kiki is posing as usual so I prepared my lights, it s so hard to keep up with her since she is moving so much, but as well she is patient when I call her name she comes the same spot and pose more for me:)

Feb 7, 2016

One Spot Shootings

Shooting with my new 1.4 50mm Zeiss lens which is incredibly sharp lens, few years ago I was using old zeiss on my canon with an adaptor, now using zeiss lens produced for a canon cameras and here I exposed pictures with my left hand in front of the lens and most of the times my marriage ring became blurry in the images to create a moment while I was doing manual focusing and spent there about 15 minutes maybe and move along.. yet was very nice moments to try out the lens esp with 50mm on the streets are harder for me, I always prefer 35mm lens wider is better at least for me:)

Portraits of a Textile Icon of Turkey: Mr. Kerim Kerimol

Turkey's textile icon Mr. Kerim Kerimol born in 1927 in Zonguldak was a very nice gentleman and having a nice chat together.

Denta + (Plus) Dental Clinique New Portraits

http://www.dentaplus.com.tr new photo shootings in Denta Plus Dental Health Clinique